Walking in Wakai

My last weekend was consumed sitting in front of the computer, going cross-eyed over my report and just trying to finish it. I guess that’s the major downfall of taking a holiday in the middle of the semester but it was worth it! I am surprised that I have any “creative juices” and patience to sit in front of the computer left to write a post but here I am!

WAKAI SHOESI have acquired two new walking companions from my recent trip abroad. I had no intensions of purchasing shoes while I was away but they just called to me and I am head over heels in love! I blame my shoe addiction on my parents. Firstly, they made me quite short, some would even go as far as calling me vertically challenged ergo collection of high heels that I hardly wear cause I have nowhere to wear them and secondly, they read me fairytales and I grew up with the ideals that a new pair of shoes can be life changing.

Shoes Wakai DoubleViewI don’t know what it is about these shoes. Not only are they extremely comfortable but they make me feel good. Have you ever had one of those? It’s a really strange feeling to have about shoes. I guess lately I have been purchasing heels it’s nice to have a pair of nice comfortable shoes that are not your  stock-standard sensible black shoes.

IMG_4387I don’t really know much about the brand, I know, what the hell kind of review is this? Well, I am actually genuinely confused about whether Wakai is a Japanese or an Indonesian brand but I suspect it’s the latter with some Japanese influence, correct me if I’m wrong! I don’t know if Wakai has arrived in Australia or if it will ever but I really hope so! They have branches all over Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore but I believe only does deliveries in Indonesia.These shoes are reasonably priced at $40 a pop, I can not wait for my next trip back to Indonesia to add to my collection. They’re so light and airy, I am looking forward to wearing them this summer!! Till next time!

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