Things I Do To Have A Better Day

If you’ve read my latest post, you probably noticed how bitter I was. Unexpected mood fluctuations can be expected from a woman living with crazy work schedules. There are certain things that I do so I can have a better and happier day. These are things that work for me, it may not work for everybody but you never know until you try!

1. Wake Up Early

To most people, a good day means sleeping in and taking things slow. That may be the case for me on the weekend but not during the week. I find that waking up early (as much as I hate it at the time) means more time for me to get things done and therefore less stress for the rest of the day. The past few mornings, my early rises meant getting the washing done, cleaning up the house, cooking for the day and sometimes even getting exercise in. I find this really lifts my mood for the rest of the day because I can look forward to putting my feet up and relaxing when I get home from work.

2. Exercising

I have been getting back into exercise lately and everything feels a lot better. My mind is clearer and I feel great, physically. The key to getting motivated is to just do it. The first couple of sessions were quite difficult, motivationally. However; by about the 4th session, I started to really enjoy myself and it even got to the point of me getting irritated if I did not exercise. It is now a part of my daily routine.

3. Meeting up with Friends

I find that meeting friends can really help to turn the day around. Whether it’s to meet up for coffee to discuss the day’s events or to distract us from a day gone sour. Friends are there to support each other, the people you can really rely on for advice. It’s very important, though, for us to surround ourselves with people willing to help build each other up.

4. Go on an adventure

I really do love trying new things and when the day is just not going my way, doing just that usually help turn the day around. It usually gives me perspective in life between my bad day and how great, how exciting life can get. It makes the bad days seem worth it.

5. Me Time

Last but not least, me time. Me time can consist of anything from going for drives, sleeping in, writing my blog, watching TV and cuddles with my cat. Me time is now quite rare but when the opportunity presents itself, I try to make the most of it. With such busy schedules, it makes it difficult for me to find time for myself. It really makes my day when I can find time to do things that I love and sometimes when the day gets really packed, all I can do is try to make time for me and the day just gets better from there.

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