Reflections of 2018

Whirlwind is the perfect word to describe 2018. A wonderful whirlwind of a year. It was a year full of growth, learning and taking incredible risks. It was a year of many highs and very few, unremarkable lows.

From opening a new photography studio to meeting new friends in the industry and learning to grow a business.

It was the first year that I’ve really put my plans into action towards becoming a full-time photographer and I started to see the results. I am elated, ecstatic and all the words that I can’t quite form in a string of coherent words just yet but essentially, I am overwhelmingly happy.

2018 took us to many places (not as many as I would like but it will do for now). We first went over to Indonesia to celebrate one of my cousin’s wedding. My cousin is an amazing wedding and couples photographer/entrepreneur and an inspiration for me growing up (an even now). It was amazing to be able to bear witness to their love as well as to be able to spend  some much needed time with my family abroad.

The year then led us to a fun little trip to the Blue Mountains with some of my favourites where we stayed at a beautiful retro-inspired house and ate one of the best sandwich that I’ve ever tasted. We even did some shooting next to an incredible steam train.

Melbourne with my girls (and Arthur) was another notable highlight of the year meeting up with some friends who we mised dearly.

Finally, ending the year off with traveling to Japan with Matt and the family. Getting to see Matt so excited about just about everything. Seeing him so at home in a country that normally makes people feel foreign. Finding a random animal cafe and playing with cute hedgehogs, otters and my personal favourite, Chinchillas. So many great memories from the last year!

New Year, Old Goals and Resolutions

I love reading about people’s new year’s resolutions. I myself have been known to create grand resolutions, only to fail to achieve it by the closing of the year or slacking off within the first month. So this year I have decided to work on last year’s resolution which are:

  1. Find that work-life balance.
  2. Continue learning and growing my photography business and in particular, the Boudoir side of things.
  3. Work on my health goals and complete the Tough Mudder challenge.
  4. Learn to cook.
  5. Travel more.
  6. Write More (especially in this blog).
  7. Plan our wedding!

What are your goals and resolutions this year?

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