Poppies in the WildalienskinHey you,

While you’re sleeping, I’m dreaming.
For better or for worse of simpler times.
But that’s okay because I know that everything will be okay.

This one took forever, never again.
This is the last time, for real this time.
If I had infinite chances, I’d never find another you.
Just know that I never stopped caring.

I am here, whether you like it or not.
I don’t want to ever be mad at myself.

4 AM, keeping secrets.

Letting it go.
Go to waste.

I am not alone.
Not alone.
Not with the stars.

The stars help me.
They help me forget you.
Help me forget you are not here.

But then again, morning comes. Oh my stars, they disappear. Just like before, I am alone again.


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