I am quite prone to getting sick. It amazes me how rarely Matt gets sick. Is it a male thing I wonder? When I get sick, I am usually sick for a long period of time. The last time I had a full coughing fit, it hung around for about 3 months before I got better. It didn’t stop me from doing things, going to work, uni and hanging with friends.

This time, though, I needed to get better. Fast. Working in the health industry, I did not want to expose any of my clients, especially the frail and cute ones to whatever it is that I have. On my worst day, I took a day off. The second time that I have done so in my life. I let myself recover. I should have known. I should have known to slow down the last few times I got sick. I mean DUH! I guess I was resistant to the idea that I may just need a break. I am so busy these days that I feel the need to just go, go, go.

I am no doctor but I was fully trained on the physiology of the human body. I should have known. I should have taken more time off and taken care of myself. After a week of feeling quite poorly, I feel much better from just taking a day to myself to recover. I guess if you are like me, always busy, running around, chasing life; you will understand. Our well being don’t tend to become a priority. It is now top of my list and that’s a promise.

Also, this is 6/52 from my 52 weeks project. I am quite pleased that I have kept it up for over a month now! It does get quite taxing to always be coming up with new ideas but I find that my photoshopping skills have improved significantly. Originally I had pictured myself in the photo but when I laid down to shoot this, my cat thought I was settling to go to sleep. She can be so sweet at times, but it didn’t stop her from biting me by the end of the shoot. I think she was annoyed that I did not give her a good scratch behind the ears.

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