Rain on the Runway

As I wrote this blog, I was watching the rain pour down, drenching the runway as the planes criss-cross each other. Feeling a little in awe at the beauty of it all and a little pissed because the baggage check man confiscated my bottle of fireball whisky. I am kicking myself a little for having this headache, otherwise, I would have downed one, two or three shots of it before handing it over and going through the gates. Lesson learnt that despite purchasing said liquid from duty-free Sydney, they still need to be sealed for transit. Curse the woman who served me!

Moving on to better and what appears to be bleaker things, I was waiting to board my plane in Singapore to go to Surabaya. After a 7 hour flight from Sydney, I don’t look or feel so great. At least they have great wi-fi at the airport. I managed to 98 photos for a client gallery in under 5 minutes! I hope to write more while I am away since time seems to be the enemy these days!

Here is to a relaxing holiday, and I am bringing a little school pride with me because I am devastated that I haven’t gone to watch Fantastic Beasts yet. #hogwartsismyhome

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