My Patronus

The past week had me feeling uninspired and somewhat sad. I haven’t had the strength to get up and do the things I love to do. When I found time to shoot, I couldn’t get the ideas out. On my last post I wrote about the best ways to enjoy life in situation such as these. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found that once you start enjoying life again and seeing a different side of a “bad situation” you start to find yourself again. This edit was so relevant to how I felt this week. The patronus charm is used to ward dementors, a foul evil creature that feeds on despair draining happiness from the surrounding air. This charm is a complicated spell that can only be conjured by concentrating on a single happy memory. This week, I battled my dementors by focusing on what makes me happy.

I hope you enjoy this edit. I don’t post on this blog as much as I would like to. I am for weekly posts at the very least but if you’d like to hang out with me, you can find me on instagram for more regular updates!


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