Learning To Sew

There are times when I can be a little over the top insane. I love challenges and opportunities to learn new things but I guess I should admit I like being a little under pressure. It makes for a more interesting experience. That’s what you get for having a Type A personality. I really do need to learn to relax a little more but for now, this is what have kept me from completing the 52 weeks challenge this week!14711907_1593334370971994_1543086796315820032_nI have been wanting to learn to sew for the past three years. I came up with 101 reasons not to it. I guess one of the first lesson I learnt from this is to just do it. Whatever it is that I want to try, don’t let reason be the cause for a lack of action. After all, what can I lose? 20161015_173114-01-1I started sewing by chance. I had ordered a Drindl dress for Octoberfest from blossomcostumes.com.au I wanted something that is not too slutty, a little more traditional. I guess that’s my style, traditional. I was however, unable to acquire the appropriate garment on time. At first they had delivered me a dress that was a size too small and then I was sent one with faulty zipper. After the first dress arrived I was determined to sew my own because I could not take the chance of the second one not arriving on time. I had three days to learn to sew and it was one of the craziest three days full of learning.14733683_208018092952348_7194179145465593856_nI had no idea what I was doing, and spent the first of the three days watching youtube clips on how to use a sewing machine and how to read a pattern. To me, reading the pattern was the scariest part. The most intimidating part. Too many lines, too many symbols that I needed to follow and decipher. After figuring that part out, the rest came quite easily. As I progressed through this project, my stitches came faster and straighter. 20161015_153036-01My mum helped sew the shoulder straps together and ruffle the skirt. She cleverly suggested sticky taping the ruffles so they remain the same same length when I start sewing them together. I finished the project at the last minute, right before I had to leave to go to Octoberfest.20161015_201822-01It was a crazy move of my part trying learn to sew in 3 days but it has given me the confidence to try other bigger, more challenging projects but I think next time, I will be kinder to myself and give myself more time. With 2 weeks worth of 52 weeks owing, I hope you enjoy this week’s post! I have a hundred and one photos to edit and blogs to write so come and follow me on instagram where I post more regularly about daily micro-adventures!

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