How to Host a Murder


Hey, Stranger!

I’m back! For a little while at least! So I’ve been quite busy doing a lot of catching up with life and everything. Oh, and I recently turned 25 last month!

I love birthdays. Mainly because I usually get to dress up. I celebrated my birthday with some of my closest friends. After changing my mind a few hundred times about the night’s theme, we finally settled on the 1940s, Film Noir, a week before the event. Of course, having settled into a new theme with new possibilities, my mind went into its usual pre-birthday overdrive and of course, 5 days prior to the festivities, I decided to host a murder-mystery party.

To be honest, I was terrified. I read somewhere that it takes a good couple of weeks to pull off a murder-mystery party and the guest should be properly prepped but I wanted them to walk in there knowing nothimg. After all, it’s supposed to be a mystery! I had all these great ideas in my head but I was worried that the night wouldn’t turn out as planned due to, well, lack of planning!

With the help of an online party pack, my weird brain and an amazing group of people, the night went smoothly! I feel so very grateful for having such wonderful people in my life who supports my crazy ideas and participates in them with great enthusiasm. An advice from a newly turned 25-year-old? Surround your self with people who want you to succeed. Don’t be afraid to turn toxic people away from your life because 25 is around the time that people stop trying to “find a job” and instead start to “build a career” and there is simply no room for toxic people in your life.

If you’d like to host a murder mystery party, I would recommend purchasing your kit days ahead and prepping your guest so they can get to know their character! The one we did was called the final curtain and you can find a link to it here. I wish I had taken more photographs of the night but alas, this is all I have! (bit strange considering my current aspirations) I guess I was enjoying the night a little too much to go snap crazy!



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