How to Create an Amazing Instagram Feed: According to DrinkCitra


When I started Thia’s Tale, I wanted a platform to share my thoughts and daydreams. I wanted to be a part of a unique but tight community that continually inspires each other to do more things, be more creative and to venture out of my comfort zone.

These experiences would not have happened without inspiration from other bloggers who have documented and shared snippets of their life in their own special way through blogging. I want to share with you all one creative online presence that I virtually admired for the past few years! Her name is Traci from DrinkCitra. She is one of my favourite blogger, Instagrammer and virtual friend.

It’s rare to come across someone as talented and real as she. By day she works online at a pen and stationery company but the rest of her time is dedicated to practising her calligraphy and hand lettering, creating wonderful nail arts and snapping beautiful images which she shares with us humble humans on her Instagram accounts. While being inspired by her friends, family, other content creators and crafters, her easy going and fun personality shines through her images.

Like a lot of us, at a young age, Traci knew she wanted to become an artist. However; she was repeatedly told that it wasn’t a good career choice and sadly like most of us, she walked the responsible path. However, as many of you know, creativity can not be suppressed. It will flourish with just a little love and time and it will remain to grow if you let it. That was what happened with Traci.

Back in 2010, Traci started blogging. Her blog was filled with inspirational nail art. She continually amazed me with how creative and different each of her nail art could be. She really convinced me of the importance of nail care. Due to her busy schedule, Traci took a hiatus from blogging in 2014 🙁 Hopefully, she will be returning to blogging soon!

With her strong social media presence and overflowing creativity, I emailed Traci a while back and asked for tips on creating a great Instagram feed. Here are her top 3 tips:

  1.  Have a theme.
    Do you prefer light or dark photos? Do you have a few favourite colours? Create a theme to base your photos on. When all of your photos follow the same theme, your gallery will have consistency and look amazing as a whole.
  2. Edit your photos.
    There are many photo editing apps available to use and Instagram has some great built-in editing tools to use too! I use Afterlight to adjust brightness, colour and saturation. Play around with the settings to see what you like and edit your photos similarly.
  3. Compose your photos.
    Take multiple photos of the same subject at different angles, or shoot the subject in different parts of the frame. Then choose the photo that looks best to you. There are different photo composition tips that can help make your photos look more interesting (ie. Rule of thirds).

You can check out her website Drink Citra and please pay her Instagram account a visit! I so enjoy her calligraphy and hand lettering work on @inkcitra.

I am looking forward to future blog posts and wait daily for a new inspirational photo on her Instagram account! Go say hi to Traci and get ready to be inspired!

All images were supplied by Traci of DrinkCitra! Thanks Traci!

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