Facing a Stop Sign

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I forgot the blinking indicator. After 5 years of driving, yes I know I should have gotten it earlier and yes my mother has nagged and nagged me but back to the story, I forgot to indicate. Once or twice. In my defence, which I can admit is not a good one, I did my head checks and there was no car.

Now to answer your question about why I have waited this long to get my provisional driver license, I shall tell you.

One. I live so close to everywhere I need to go that I haven’t found the need to drive, I mean sure, the smart thing to do would have been to do it early and make life easy for me. Yes there were times where I wished I had it.

Two. In a car, I am the sleepy passenger. I am a terrible travel companion because there is just something about the way the car moves that lul me to sleep. I know I am pretty alert when driving but I guess I just wanted the excuse to sleep. I told my mum that it was my time to catch up on missed sleep and driving just never interested me until now.

Three. It’s pretty shallow, I wanted to hold on to my youth for as long as possible. Unlike most 22 year olds, I feel young and excited about getting my license! It feels like I am 16 again! Well, not really, I still have back pain.

Image from Gratisography

So what changed? I guess I feel ready for a new start. To find a means to get me to my next adventure and right now, although somewhat disheartened, I am going to unstick this little piece of gum trying to hold me back and run with it.

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