Career Paths and Growing Up

image imageI am saddened to announce there will be no weekend diaries this week but I am happy to inform you that I finally got the lazy weekend that I wanted! Well not really relaxing, there were moments of stress here and there to prepare for placement but for the better part of it, I was able to relax and chill with loved ones before I started. After all the preparations, I am finally here! Completely exhausted after my first day at the hospital but I am definitely ready to take on more! It’s true what they say, you’ll never know until you try!

Recently, I have been feeling a bit down. I was unsure that the whole “rehabilitation” thing was the thing for me. I mean, how can you really know which career path is meant for you? I was somewhat apprehensive because when I first picked up the camera, I fell in love and I haven’t stopped loving it! However, rehab was a lot harder to love. It has been hard work for the past 4 years. Time seems to go slow, sluggish and everything seems to have nothing to do with helping clients! This year have been fun but I was still a little skeptical… until today. Today sparked something in me. It reminded me of how much I love motivating people and helping them by improving their quality of life. I am so excited for tomorrow and the challenges it promises! A little nervous but definitely more excited than anything.

I came an hour early this morning to ensure that I knew where I was going. I did not know where I was going. Thank GOD I came in early because I can’t read a map and had walked an extra 10 minutes in the wrong direction and had to back-track to my destination. Today was total madness with a lot of information thrown my way and since the senior AEP was not there today, I think my orientation is still going on tomorrow! I have a late start tomorrow! I am so grateful for the extra sleep! I woke up at 5 am this morning without an alarm! I am guessing it’s due to nerves.


I ended the day with a short meet-up with my friend Stephanie. We went to Pasteur’s Pho Restaurant in George Street, Sydney. The food came quickly, the service was LOVELY and the food was Delicious. I know where I’ll be on a cold and miserable day like this!

Game plan for tomorrow? Quick breakfast, do some body weight resistance exercise, shower, go to placement, stop by Thai restaurant to pick up dinner and get back home to write reports! In the mean time, enjoy the images I collected throughout the day!

P.S. Post was written and forgotten on my first day here! It is now day 4 and I am still loving it. A little homesick… Pandasick? But loving it!

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