Building Walls

matt4Blogmatt2BlogIn a normal blog post, I would have given you all a lengthy explanation about where I have been. Why I have taken such a long hiatus away from blogging. However, today is not the day for a normal post. It’s not a particularly special day. In fact, it was quite a routine type of day followed with a very long phone conversation with Matt.

Work has completely consumed both our lives. Therefore, life, in general, have been unusually stressful these past few weeks. I think what we both needed was a big rant and a whole lot of listening and understanding from both ends. It took a 78 minutes phone call, most of which was filled with a lot of built up rage slowly oozing out with every word and about half the time comforting each other to sense some progress. However, the most important thing for us remained.We were enraged but never because of each other. All the frustrations that have built up over time were directed at resolving the situation. Matt1BlogMatt3BlogWork, life, and love, in general, can be confronting and in your face frustrating at times but I am grateful to have someone to confide in. Who is continually there for me even when my mind is at its worst state. When what I really want to do is build up walls, he is there  to remind me to add a door so I am still safe but not trapped.

They say relationships are hard but are they really? I am becoming more aware that perhaps what they meant to say was – Life is hard and not letting life problems get in a way of being in a relationship is hard.

Choose your partner wisely, relationships can certainly be hard with the wrong person. It’s like trying to jam two puzzle pieces that weren’t meant to fit. Only two possible endings to this:  a messed up picture or broken puzzle pieces.

When you get it right… no matter how bad the picture looks, he will be there to help put the pieces in the right place. And when you find yourself needing to build a wall, he will be there with a spare door and a big bucket of cement and somehow you just know life will be alright.

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