Another World

You know what? I hate bullies. They are the worst. I have had my fair share of bullies back in Indonesia. After my best friend moved overseas, I felt unsettled. I never fitted in there. Most kids in my year would avoid me and others made nasty comments. A boy kicked me when I was in year 2. I still have no idea why they did it but when I left Indonesia, I thought I left those bullies behind.

When I moved to Australia and attended primary school, things got easier. I became friends with some of the nicest girls who grew up to be amazing women and to this day are my very best friends. High school was easy, I survived two high schools without having to deal with bullies.

I was naive to think that I could avoid them forever. I thought that after the age of 18 or so everyone will be respectful of one another, smarten up a little and just be decent human beings. In most cases they do. Yes, everyone have their little flaws, they could be racist, or homophobic, but I can accept that most of them are the way they are because they are ignorant of the changing world and at the end of the day, they are entitled to their own opinion because that’s all it is. An opinion.

It becomes a problem when they try to shove their opinion down people’s throat or act in a way that hurts other people because in their opinion they are better than everyone as they are a certain race or have a lot of money or because they have reached  certain successes in life. I am not okay with bullies of the “adult world”.

I have a problem with people that walk around with a sense of entitlement acting in such a way that is mentally and emotionally upsets people.  Who put other people down through their words and actions. I am not okay with people who lack common courtesies and a blatant disregard for other people’s feelings. Who look down on others. Who bullies people if they don’t get what they want. Who never grew out of their teenage phase and continues to treat others like shit. Who feel that it is okay to intimidate people because they are having a bad day.

This is perhaps the most negative post I have ever made but this has made me so angry over the past few weeks and I am not an angry person. I hate that they have turned me into an angry person for the past few weeks  because if there is something that this world don’t need is more hate. I really needed to get this off my chest. I will continue holding on the dream that one day, perhaps in another world, everyone will treat each other with kindness and a little more consideration.


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