Always Moving


France, Europe, Thia's Tale, Travel, AdventureEverything around you will force you to move. You will always learn to grow, to change and to be a newer and hopefully better version of you. After only a few days of travel, I have slowly gained a better understanding of life and the multi-directional pull that this life has on a person.

I understand now the need to travel and experience something new is a way for us to intrinsically grow.To seek new experience is to seek a new piece of yourself. So just keep moving, sliding,  bumping and dancing your way through life and continue to find yourself. To stand still would be far too easy and unfulfilling. The unknown challenges us and allows us to learn more about ourselves.

Things I have learnt recently:

  1. The grass is never greener on the other side, some simply have more shades of yellow or red or blue in them. Instead of wishing for it, plant it. Plant and grow the seeds that will produce the grass you desire, if you desire otherwise, sow other seeds and watch flowers grow in its place. Stop wishing for a life you don’t have, instead work hard and make the change necessary to get to where you want to be, but remember to live for today with only the foresight of tomorrow. Life should be enjoyed today.
  2. The limit of your happiness is dependent on your perception and your acceptance and appreciation of each situation. Learn to love who and where you are today and move in the direction that life pulls you.
  3. There will always be another field, another view that will be better than the last. Don’t regret missed opportunities (or pictures) enjoy the moment. Put down the camera once in a while and just stay in the moment for soon it will pass.
  4. Every day is a school day (thanks, Sarah!)
  5. I am intolerant to the combination of garlic and cream!

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