A Letter to Myself

UntitledDear Future Me,

I hope you take the time to read this. Right now you are in the south wing of the library, feeling somewhat inspired and daydreaming about what the future holds outside of this institution. Do you remember this? You have Taylor Swift’s Wonderland blasting and wishing that you yourself got lost in Wonderland. Remember how you felt? How determined you were to take on the world? Don’t forget that because that motivation only seems to come up when you feel trapped. The last time you had a break from study, a long one I mean, you wasted it. You worked at a job that did not reward your creativity, you lacked the motivation to get out of bed and spent the better part of your day watching netflix. Although I approve of the latter, just remember what you wanted to do while you were trapped inside studying (emphasis on dying).

I think, no I believe that you have the potential to do anything you want in life. I give you permission to go out in search of your dream. I know that you will love being an exercise physiologist that once you get into placement you will be happy again and once you graduate, you will probably rush into finding a job in your field that you have worked so hard all these years but don’t forget your dream of travelling, of capturing every last reflections of beauty in life. I give you permission to be happy and to leave responsibility to the 30 year old me.

Also, do us both a favour, for once in your life, stop complaining and live in the moment. Stop worrying about where you are headed because you will always get somewhere if you just keep on walking, running, sprinting or whatever else you want to do. I shall try to do the same. Now, I had better get back to studying and you have an amazing life to live, so don’t waste it.

 P.S. This letter was written a few weeks ago and was previously posted on my old blog. I figured since I will be posting on this blog from now on, I should have a copy here too because one day I will need to be reminded.

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