It’s going to be a big one! We started the year dancing! I can’t remember the song that was playing exactly but it was crowded, everyone was very glad to start a new year and the most important of all, we were all together!

I made 3 very simple resolution for this year:

  1. Be happy and stay positive. It’s going to be a big year (seriously HUGE, so many milestones to look forward to). Look at the bigger picture and don’t stress about the little things in life.
  2. Get my work-life balance in order. I have successfully (I think anyway) executed this. I took a short break at the start of this year (where usually I would bury myself straight back into work). I didn’t pressure myself to write a blog post for the new year until I was ready.
  3. Be more proactive instead of reactive. I can be quite impulsive as a person and it usually creates a lot of stress in my life (or so I’ve learnt over 2019), so both in my personal and professional life, I want to make sure I am more proactive and less reactive. – Might help with resolution number 2!

This coming week is going to be crazy and exciting for both Matt and myself (as well as the rest of the family). I am praying that we make it through the week without too many hiccups. I am trying to approach the coming days with a lot of positivity and gratitude.

#sorrynotsorry for the bad quality images! We had fun!

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