Weekend Diaries: Conquering the Cliff-Side

Mt KeiraI feel pretty lucky to have such awesome people in my life. This year, though difficult, was one of my favourite year at uni. I befriended fun, adventurous people who love to share what they love. Don’t you just love passionate people! They’re so great! This weekend, my friend James took a few of us up the mountain to climb. I have done indoor rock climbing and it does not do the real thing justice. The feeling of achievement you feel after completing a wall is pretty incredible and that is probably due to how hard it was.

2ClimbingBefore I FellThe image above was right before I had a near death experience. To reach our first climb site, we had to climb onto rock platforms. On our way to our next climb site, we had to jump back down onto the same rock platforms. I am a pretty short person, getting up was a challenge but getting down was just dangerous. I somehow managed to stumble down and trip at the same time. I was so glad Matt came for the day, he somehow managed to scoop me just before I fell. ConquerersIf you ever get the chance, you should try it out! It is difficult, you will probably want to quit within the first few moves, but you will get up there and you will reach the top just like I did!Me on the Top!Matt Climbing The Next RoundJust FunMixsmilesBruised and bleeding from our fun day out, we ended the day at the pub where we had food and chatted the night away. Thank you James and John for organising the day and I hope everyone have a great time at prac!

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