There was a Field of Golden Canola

From all the places I have visited, this would be my happy place. Endless fields of golden canola stretching as far as the eyes can see. This place turned my day around. I was feeling rather flat and a little bit ill after a day of walking around in the blazing sun. I could feel my mood slowly slipping away from me up until we arrived at this little piece of heaven.

My auntie Grace was so excited that she practically sprinted out of the car to take some photos. She even forgot to turn off the engine and I so clearly remember running after the car as it rolled up the hill. We were in luck that it was parked the way it did! I dreamt about this place on my nap, in the car, on my way home. It was a welcomed change from the string of nightmares I had been having. This place; it made the trip. It really did.

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