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11653305_10207007239761046_2055745230_nMy cheeks are hurting from smiling too much. I woke up this morning, again, smiling. I spent most of last night smiling. I have waited six years to finally get my license and I can’t believe I finally did it. It wasn’t because I was incapable of driving but I just never gotten around to do it.imageimageimageimageimageimageI spent the better half of yesterday practicing my parking and I can now reverse park like a pro. After completing my exam, my mum and I drove around for a few more hours and did some grocery shopping. I felt like my driving improved exponentially after being handed my new license. I then drove by myself for the first time to pick up my friend Natalie. I drove so slowly that the car behind me overtook me and sped away. Bastards. We went to trivia night with friends and headed for the customary Maccas Run that every 17 year olds do once they are on their P-plates before heading to the lookout to eat chips and look at the view. I only backed into the gutter once, and went over the round about once so I think I did well.

I am excited to have my own micro-adventures close to where I live. A few things that I would like to do now that I have this:

  1. Go for a night-time drive to take star photos.
  2. Drive to Thirroul and get fish and chips in Austinmer.
  3. Do a photo shoot near the lake side.
  4. Take my cat to the vet (by my self). I feel so old now! So full of responsibilities…
  5. Drive down the undeveloped parts of the Illawarra and take in the amazing, undisturbed view of the mountains.

I know it’s not an exciting list but it’s something that I have dreamt of doing for a while. I live for the simple things.

P.S. Sorry for the photo quality, McDonald’s Drive Through doesn’t exactly have the best lighting.

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