Weekend Diaries: Supanova, Yum Cha and Korean BBQ

1 2To me, the perfect weekend would be waking up late, riding my bicycle to the beach grabbing some coffee and brunch before coming home to settle in for the rest of the day in my PJs and Netflix. Those lazy weekends do not come often but I am pretty lucky to experience food-field weekends with my family. We are a food loving bunch so if you stick around, expect to see lots of posts about our food adventures. We started the day off at St George’s Leagues Club for a Yum Cha breakfast. Growing up in Indonesia, I had Yum Cha almost every weekend. It’s wonderful to see that it’s becoming more popular here. I just wished we had one closer to where I live. 9This weekend, I experienced my first Supanova and I regretted all the years I did not attend. This year, the biggest star appearance was Nathan Fillion of Firefly. I had been meaning to watch Firefly but never got around to it. I shall save that for the next lazy weekend. Alongside Nathan, there was Bonney Wright and Jason Isaacs who played Ginny Weasley and Lucius Malfoy on Harry Potter. They looked tired after three long days of greeting excited fans but Jason seemed to cope a lot better than Bonney. As excited as I was to meet her, I wish I had met Jason instead, he seemed much happier to be there. I wanted to ask him to do a line from Harry Potter. 1110 3 4 5 6For dinner, we found ourselves at Smokkim a Korean BBQ that served a nice selection of meat. I rather enjoyed the experience but at that stage I was still full from breakfast. That tends to happen with Yum Cha. You just eat so much it can last you the whole day. There were two girls on the table nearby that ordered about double the amount of food compared to us. I wonder if they finished it all. More weekend adventures to come! 7

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