Themed Photoshoot: “The Notebook”

1A3A27601A3A27621A3A35021A3A35141A3A35821A3A3590Polly wears Marseille Playsuit by Review
Ben wears Academics Rayon Shirt by KenjiChinos by Just Jeans , Festival Low Sneaker by Kenji1A3A36481A3A36761A3A37071A3A37371A3A42301A3A407411A3A42021

Polly wears Norma Jean Dress by Retrospec’d and Low Cut Canvas by Kmart
Ben wears Vintage Textured Shirt by Just Jeans , Chinos by Just Jeans , Festival Low Sneaker by Kenji

Model: Polly Nissen and Ben Horsfield
Stylist: Polly Nissen
Location: Audley Boatshed

Over last weekend, we did a faux-couple shoot inspired by the movie “The Notebook”. We wanted to recreate the boat scene! It was such an amazing afternoon with two of my lovely friends! I hope to have more days like these! Please feel free to share this post and let me know if you get the chance to visit Audley! It’s one of my favourite spots around!




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