My Expensive Grocery Shopping Trip


Several budgeting websites told me that when going grocery shopping, you need to create a list. That way you won’t feel as tempted to overspend on things you don’t need. The first time I have ever created a groceries list, I came out of the shops with $3000 less in my pocket. Budgeting geniuses be damned!

It wasn’t a bad experience at all, though some parts were stressful. That morning, I created a list of purchases in preparation for Chinese New Year. Half way through that morning drive, my brain told me I needed a new external hard drive. Perhaps the mistake was adding items to the list while driving. I thought to myself, instead of purchasing and hauling my groceries (which included refrigerated items), I should go up to JB Hi-Fi and just quickly purchase my hard drive. I gave myself a budget of $150 for one.

Before I could reach the external drive section, something in bright red caught my eye. 15% off some Canon (and several other brands) of cameras. Out of curiosity, I checked it out. There it was, the 5D Mark 3, 15% off with an additional $200 CASHBACK from Canon! It was a no-brainer for me. When I say that, I meant I had no brain at the time. I didn’t think about it, at that moment, I just felt that it was the right thing. The process was a blur. I remember being on the phone to raise the limit on my credit card, running around looking for my card which I thought I had lost, purchasing the camera, agreeing to the extra warranty for $150. It happened so quickly and too easily.

Just a disclaimer, I am writing this blog not to brag but I wanted to share my experience and to let all the Canon fans know that participating JB Hi-Fi is having a 15% off sale + Cashback for some Canon cameras until next Wednesday, 1st of February (please double check this, it says so in the catalogue). I had planned on purchasing this camera mid-year as I needed a second camera for my wedding photography business – Tale Thief Photography. I have been saving for it for a good 2 years. I haven’t quite made my savings goal but I did have the funds available for purchasing this camera. Sure, I needed to move my savings around, increase my credit limit but I know I won’t be in debt for so long. So if you have the funding and would like to purchase it, now is the time! Also, an unboxing video will be posted soon on my YouTube Channel!

I have always been a logical, calculating person but for once, I followed my heart instead of my head because my head has done all the work up to this point. Make room to follow your heart more because it sure feels great.


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